Like Tears In The Rain

Rutger Hauer
1944 – (appropriately enough) 2019

Without Rutger Hauer, Blade Runner would have been one of the most forgotten about movies in the history of science fiction.

This entire film rested on that one scene. And Hauer made up a lot it himself on the spot.

He was the real star of Blade Runner.

Rest in peace Roy Batty.

4 thoughts on “Like Tears In The Rain

  1. Supposedly he and Donald Sutherland made up much of their parts of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” particularly the implied history between their characters. They almost made the movie interesting. Wheedon was still butthurt about it years later.


  2. If you at all enjoy the Alien franchise I’d strongly recommend one of Rutger Hauer’s last performances in an audible audio drama Alien: Out of the Shadows. He still had all the talent and power from Blade Runner, he made an inhuman character absolutely compelling.


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