Song of Grod: Chapter Sixteen

HONOR Princess Honor was surprised by the smell. She had heard about the smell of blood. However, her own experiences with it were in too limited amounts to really detect a noticeable odor but it definitely was it’s own thing. Rusty, salty, marshy and a bit metallic all at once. It was thick and redolent […]

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Stranger Things: Top Ten Questions

The title is clickbait. Sorry about that. There are honestly only three questions anyone really cares about. Who is the American? Is Hopper really dead? Will Elle get her powers back? Question one, is the big one. Hopper wasn’t shown dying in the explosion but he wasn’t known for his powers of teleportation either. The […]

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Holy Crap! I Don’t Hate This

Admittedly, it’s just teaser and there is plenty of room to go down hill from here but all that said, I don’t hate this and I’m actually shocked by that. UPDATE: After tirelessly searching for literally a couple of minutes I discovered that Jason Scott Lee is going to be playing the villain. Bori Khan, […]

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