Sweet, Sweet Tears

Remember her?

In case you don’t:

“Kickstarter actually reached out to the SJWs at DC Comics to help them gatekeep wrong think and boy did DC deliver in the form of Camilla Zhang.  One look at her and you know exactly why she was hired.

And by the way, if her Twitter is anything to go by, she’s still working at Kickstarter.  So no, Kickstarter is NOT trimming the dead wood.”

Times have changed. Camilla Zhang who was brought on to Kickstarter specifically to ban the Diversity In Comics guy has been laid off.

Her and about forty-five percent of Kickstarter.

Watching Kickstarter’s collapse has been a deep dive into schadenfreude.

I can’t help but savor the tears. The employees of Kickstarter were such dyed in the wool SJWs that they unionized specifically so they could do even more gatekeeping. There was some comic called Always Punch Nazis that the higher-ups at Kickstarter actually didn’t want to publish and the groundlings at Kickstarter did. The union had it written into their contract that the employees could decide who got accepted

Up until now Get Woke, Go Broke has been more slogan than fact. It was more like Get Woke Lose Fifteen Percent. Most businesses can survive that and the Woke businesses get ALL sorts of help for having gone to the wall for SJWism. But Kickstarter is definitely going broke.

They have been losing thirty-five percent of their business per year every year since Comicsgate broke.

And the reason is simple enough for every Your Boy Zack that got banned there were a thousand others that looked at Kickstarter and said, “Nope. Not them.” Even SJWs knew better than to do Kickstarter because SJWs honestly never know who they are going to be mad at today or why. Russian roulette is not a business plan. So their customers all went elsewhere.

I wonder whose turn it will be to fall next?

Okay, I’m done here.

2 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Tears

  1. “The employees of Kickstarter were such DIED in the wool SJWs…”

    Eh eh. If it’s a typo, keep it there, it’s funnier that way.


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