Is There An Opposition Party in Michigan?

The Iron Ding-Bat’s Monday press conference had all the usual hilarity.  Whitmer publicly denounced the Nazis that had come to protest her dictatorship.  What she was her proof that they were Nazis?  They had pictures of her head photoshopped on Hitler’s body.  The press duly reported this attack by evil Nazis on their virtuous governess and proceeded to lambast the state legislature for “trying to take away Governor Whitmer’s ability to reopen the state.”

The GOP controlled legislature said last Friday that they were going to take her to court over her refusal to acknowledge their denial of her request to extend her emergency powers.  That suit did NOT appear yesterday and when pressed, said, that it wouldn’t be ready before Wednesday, but it was more likely that it wouldn’t see the light of day before Monday.  

Anybody with any kind of experience with government knows what’s going on here.  Whitmer hasn’t agreed to their terms of the lawsuit yet.

Is there even a Republican party in Michigan?

The answer is no, there is a club for fourth generation millionaires from Pontiac who are all highly principled and own the Libs with facts and logic but not with anything that could be called action.  

Don’t want to annoy their old friends Bunky and Pongo by stirring the pot too much.  Just make a few grumbles about Lansing to keep the groundlings happy.  By the way whose turn is it going to be to lose against Whitmer this week?  I know it’s a chore, but it has to be done or the wrong people…that is to say the ones who want to win a fight against our friends…might get in and we can’t have that can we?

Remember we are the controlled opposition.  Our job is to represent the interests of the Chamber of Commerce and nothing more.  Even if we can’t do that because the state is shutdown.  Remember the principle of the thing, is that we are the principled ones and that means not doing anything that isn’t principled.  Doing the rude or disruptive thing is very unprincipled so we absolutely can’t do that.  Which means we can’t really do anything except to sit here in Lansing and say how principled we are.

It is time for new party leadership here in Michigan.

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