The Saga of Karl the Barber

Meet Michigan’s Yertle the Turtle. Karl Manke, a seventy-seven year old barber in Shiawassee, MI decided it was time to open his shop back up. He’s following the same precautions that the guys that work gas stations do (honestly you may as well shake a rattle and make offerings to Great Ma-Goo-Boo for all the good a mask does).

It made a few headlines, which was enough to send the Iron Ding-Bat into a rage.

Six, count’em SIX, Michigan state Troopers show up at his shop and issued a cease and desist from the State AG.

Karl handed that over to the very high priced law firm that took him on as client pro-bono, and went back to work.

Yesterday, the Michigan Militia was in front of Karl’s barber shop politely letting everyone go past them, to get one of Karl’s quality clip jobs but also letting it be known that they wouldn’t let the State Police through. The line to get into his shop stretches around the block by now.

No need to worry about any other cops. The Owosso Police said, they wouldn’t enforce the Governor Karen’s order and the Shiawassee county sheriff said, he wouldn’t either.

Whitmer then held a presser where she announced with perfect conviction that her Executive Orders were law. That got everyone else’s hackles up because they damn well aren’t laws.

This morning a judge threw out the State AG’s Cease and Desist order.

And as of this writing, a man that was born in World War II is still snipping away like he has all his life.

Stayed tuned folks.

9 thoughts on “The Saga of Karl the Barber

  1. One sneeze at the bottom of the stack. Every time.

    Good man, good judgement. Barbers have to keep razors and clippers clean and sanitary for the next customer. So, he wears a mask and washes hands a lot. Inserting State Police from an unknown location and quarantine condition was higher risk.


  2. It’s so damn beautiful. I’d prefer the lampposts, but an indefatigable, wiley old barber will do nicely too. Hope every town in Michigan gives him the “key to the city” or something, in honor of his refusal to kneel before the Iron Dingbat.


  3. She got greedy and irrational with power-lust – drunk with it – and overplayed her hand. There’s no way this ends now that isn’t a public relations defeat for her. Awesome.

    Also: “Iron Ding-Bat” is perfect rhetoric.

    Thank you for posting this. Totally made my week.


    1. You can immediately appeal on an outright revokation without due process. A suspension is a little different.

      Upside, this is as politcially tone deaf as you can get.

      Look for Karl to be giving Mike Pence a haircut in the near future.


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