I Don’t Want to Love the Snyder Cut!!!

Well, he IS an alien.

Beloved Readers: Don’t see the problem here, Cataline, we already know you don’t like Justice League and had no intention of loving the Snyder Cut.

There shouldn’t have been a problem. A thirty million dollar Special Edition for a recent film that didn’t do all that well, just to cater some fangirls is to my mind a questionable business decision. And one that appears to have been made by corporate overlords who don’t really understand the entertainment industry. But I don’t own any stock in AT&T so I didn’t have a dog in this fight.

And then Collider lost its shit over Fan Privilege. And Fan Entitlement and just how dangerous a precedent actually giving them what they want is. And then the dog-pile started. The Verge. Kotaku, Polygon were all doing little hit pieces. Vanity Fair’s (of all things) headline was “Is Releasing the Snyder Cut of Justice League a Victory for Toxic Fandoms.”

There is no getting around it, the Snyder Cut is pissing off all the people that regularly piss me off. When something is “deeply troubling” the SJW turd-weasels that write for the access media, I have to wonder if there isn’t some virtue to the Snyder Cut that I’ve missed?

And the answer to that question is, no. It’s not going to be a major improvement over Whedon’s “Avengers Light” take on it. It’s just going to be more Batman Vs Superman and Superman probably won’t be anywhere near as likable.

What is really frightening the access media is just what they said it was, they hate the idea of the fans getting their way. Because when they do get their way the studios are that much closer to flushing their beloved, godawful SJWized garbage versions of franchises. They really think they have the right to dictate what fan tastes should be and when those preferences are roundly rejected they are suddenly in the position of being reminded that they aren’t important at all. They are just paid (usually by Disney) to be a herd of trained seals, clapping on command.

It reminds them how unimportant they really are.

I suppose I can make the effort and enjoy the Snyder… No, I’m sorry, I just can’t. I’m still not interested in it.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Love the Snyder Cut!!!

  1. Cataline,

    I think you hit it on the head. They are terrified that fans who like properties, especially boys, will have inspiring entertainment. That it will remind them of what they like and in some cases inspire boys to become a man and that absolutely terrifies the soy boy contingent because they mistake weakness for strength and thus seek to show the evils of strength.

    Zack Snyder has made one classic movie. 300 released 13 years ago. It is his only movie that he has made where he put what fans want to see as more important than what the shill soy boy media want to see. I often wonder where the Zack Snyder of 300 went, because that guy was awesome and he understood what boys and men want to be. 1 movie and then he was gone. He has spent the last 13 years trying to apologize to the soy boy mainstream press.

    Furthermore,I think he disappeared into the cocktail circuit and the most obvious thing about the cocktail circuit is that it disdains masculinity. It is elite club that is exclusive but lacking masculine steel, thus only able to portray a decadent and weak image of men. Once anyone substitutes cocktail limp wristed philosophy of the cocktail circuit for true masculine ideas, his art becomes a parody that is easy to mock. It becomes hollow and empty and ultimately unsatisfying. Zack Snyder’s hideous Batman vs Superman, Justice League and Superman: Man of Steel, in particular are the tragic results.

    The fan revolt is the hope of Justice League that inspires like 300, but, we all know that will not happen.

    Corey Ashcraft


  2. Looks down.

    Shuffles feet.

    I loved Batman v Superman.

    I thought it took on the edgy dark atmosphere but refuted it, and that Superman’s real character shone through at the end.

    Heck , even sperg Lex won me over: he’s been a mad scientist, a crime boss, a corrupt businessman and a politician, a tech guru seemed a logical incarnation, and I thought it fitting for the villain to be an evil Zuckerberg (redundant I know) who attacked Supe’s image and reputation with fake news.


  3. Saw RLM’s commentary version of the Justice League movie last night. The guys talked completely over the movie so I didn’t get more than a snippet or two of movie dialogue, but I could already see it was better than Zack Snyder Superman or Batman Vs Superman. At least it had the characters working together to save people instead of brooding constantly over their inability to do so.


  4. I hear you Cataline–if Sony was to release the “Neil Druckmann has been fired” expansion pack for “Last of Us 2” in 3 months, and in the expack Ellie has grown up to be a beautiful woman who meets a nice Christian man and has 3 ass-kicking children, while Joel is the ass-kicking Christian adoptive grandpa who defends the chillun against globalist child molesters…well, I’d be TEMPTED to buy that just to support it. But too little too late, Sony can suck it, and Naughty Dog can suck it twice.


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