Memorial Day

Apparently Memorial Day is for remembering COVID deaths and blaming Trump for them. I tried to find a video fo the president’s speech but I couldn’t find a version that wasn’t polluted with with political commentary rubbish.

So, I went with Reagan’s instead.

No, this holiday is absolutely NOT for remembering those that died of COVID-19.

While their deaths are a tragedy to their families and I can sympathize with them. This day is NOT for that.

The only people saying it is either have no idea of what a Gold Star costs a family or they they do know and don’t care because they are vomitable abominations posing as humans and are trying to politicize both Memorial Day and Covid deaths.

I know they can’t help themselves but that doesn’t mean I have to forgive them for it.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Hear hear. Memorial day is sacred, set aside for a very specific purpose. May all who forget that be reminded, and if they refuse to remember, may they be afflicted with the fleas of a million camels.

    Those men deserve a hell of a lot more than a single day, but I’ll be damned if I let the bastards take even that insufficient offering away from them!

    God bless them and keep them.


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