Gretchen Watch!

It will shock no one that she is double-down mode.

Although it makes a certain degree of sense in this case.

You see, so far as she’s concerned three months ago Sturmbannfuhrer Karen was in the running for First Woman President of the United States. She is the governor of a vital swing state and Joey Fingers said that he was absolutely picking a woman for his Veep. And everyone in Gretchy-Poo’s echo chamber firmly believes that Biden can’t lose because CNN and MSNBC said so. Also, it pretty obvious, even to CNN viewers, that Biden is almost certainly not going to able to finish his hypothetical first term. Meaning, a vote for Wandering Joe is a vote for his replacement.

Today, the Iron Ding-Bat’s political future is in pieces on the floor. The hardcore Left is still supporting her but only because they don’t dare look this situation in the eye and see it for what it is. Eventually, cognitive dissonance will set in and they will have to blame someone for Whitmer’s cascade of entitled fuck-ups. So it might as well be her.

Consequently, her only hope for the future is a Second Spike that is much worse than the first. If that happens she will be the visionary “that believed in Science” when those knuckle-dragging Trump voters like Cataline were behaving like idiots and demanding the shutdown be lifted.

In fact, she intends to double down again. How do I know this? A friend of mine got a phone poll and the last question was, “would you support the mandatory wearing of masks for everyone who goes outside?”

I shit you not. That is what she is going to announce next if she thinks she has enough support from the braindead half of Michigan’s electorate.

May not be posting tomorrow as Great House Cataline is heading down to Indiana to enjoy a taste of life before the Quilting Cotton Curtain descended.

Stay tuned kids!

One thought on “Gretchen Watch!

  1. It’s like that in Hawai’i already. I mean nearly 80 people have died out of 1.5 million!! So it makes sense. /s/


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