Disney Caught Off Guard

The plan was for Disney World to reopen on August 31, hopefully without any need for masks in the 100-degree hot ass Florida sun. With a three week run-up to retrain the cast and perform maintenance and repairs. ALSO, the federal unemployment will run out in July and President Trump is unlikely to approve any more unemployment bills since he needs the economy up and running again as fast as possible.

Another concern of Disney is their complete inability to keep the guests masked once they get through the entrance. This was demonstrated at the reopening of Disney Springs. The reason is simple, one of the things you do at Disney World is eat like a pig. You can’t eat like a pig or even like a human with a mask on.

Disney’s internal view was that the reopening of Disney Springs went okay but it wasn’t great.

Regardless, they had a plan.

And then Universal dropped the hammer on Disney by announcing that they were opening every single thing in Orlando on June 1.

Mickey the Great and Terrible was completely caught off guard. Being good Social Justice Do-Bee is one thing, leaving the entire summer’s revenue on Universal’s table is something else entirely.

This happened on Friday, Disney has finally submitted its own reopening plan to Governor DeSantis. The Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom will open on July 11. Hollywood Studios and Epcot will open on July 15.

No word at all on the water parks. The resorts and hotels are opening in late June.

I expect this will be something of a Mongolian cluster-fuck and Mickey the Great and Terrible is expecting the same thing. Regardless, they are pushing ahead.

There is no getting around it. This is bad news for the Democrats. Their biggest hopes for taking the White House and the Senate are continuing the shutdown long enough to damage the economy. Fourth-quarter growth wouldn’t be a problem but third-quarter growth will prove fatal to Biden’s chances, slim as they were, to begin with.

Once Disney world opens, the plague is officially over.

One thought on “Disney Caught Off Guard

  1. I dunno if it’s possible to put this genie back in the bottle given what we’ve seen around the country. It seems that for every person who’s sick of this lockdown crap and ready to get back to normal, there are four or five Karens who are perfectly happy with the status quo and harass or report those people into toeing the line. This doesn’t bode well for any crowd-based enterprise like the Devil Mouse.

    The criminal media in this country needs to be held accountable for both scaring the hell out of everyone over (relatively) nothing and then fanning the flames.


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