Oh My Glod…The Rise of Skywalker is in Jar Jar Territory

It’s officially rotten. Even the professional shills don’t like it. In case you can’t read the screencap. Critics Consensus Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker suffers from a frustrating lack of imagination, but concludes this beloved saga with fan-focused devotion.  59% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 198 Coming soon Release date: Dec 19, 2019 AUDIENCE SCORE Ratings: Not yet available […]

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So Long As It’s Star Wars Week

One of my biggest gripes with Special Editions is that they bulldozed the efforts of the original special effects team. Today everything is done by CGI but that wasn’t remotely possible in 1977. The work that John Dykstra and his team did for George Lucas was nothing short of heroic. But because George got a […]

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NewSpeak Watch

Shocking as it is to me, I can find little fault with these new definitions of old words. “All societies have three human layers. We may call ours gentry, commoners, and clients. The gentry are urbanites, cultivated and ambitious; the commoners are suburbanites, educated and independent; the clients are Marx’s proletariat and lumpenproletariat, uneducated and/or dependent.” Lately, the Left has been […]

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I always roll my eyes at people who present this argument as a way of justifying celebrating a Christian holy day, while having nothing to do with the observance of it. There is no point in debating, half educated pedants. It only annoys you and does nothing to elevate the pedant’s IQ. My standard reply […]

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Second Thoughts: The Mandalorian

I’m cooling on the show, I’m sad to say. The first three episodes, were, if not great, better than TV average. Each of the first three added an element that benefited the narrative as a whole. Together they functioned very well as an identifiable first act, with its respective inciting incidents. We meet Mando and […]

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