A Totally Accurate History of Brexit

6 thoughts on “A Totally Accurate History of Brexit

  1. concerning the Richard Jewell movie, this is how the Atlanta Journal reporters, many of whom were involved in the slander, intend to see the movie:
    “They don’t want to give Clint the benefit of movie ticket sales, so they’ve cut a deal with movie theaters to buy tickets for another movie.”


    1. I have to believe that is illegal. I am sure the theater has a contractual requirement that it collect money from people viewing the movie.

      I am sad the movie is not doing well. However, it came out at a horrible time. Jumanji is out which is non-PC enough to pull in moviegoers wanting lighter fare. Ford vs. Ferrari pulled in a lot of the demographic who would see the movie. However, they probably avoid theaters this time of year. Also, Midway was out. Just too much competition for that film.


  2. why would reporters be concerned about following the Law?

    particularly reporters from the very newspaper principally responsible for ruining Jewell’s life … because he was stupid enough to do his job.


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