NewSpeak Watch

Shocking as it is to me, I can find little fault with these new definitions of old words.

“All societies have three human layers. We may call ours gentry, commoners, and clients. The gentry are urbanites, cultivated and ambitious; the commoners are suburbanites, educated and independent; the clients are Marx’s proletariat and lumpenproletariat, uneducated and/or dependent.”

Lately, the Left has been taking Orwell quite a bit more seriously whether they intended to or not.

The Gentry are urban liberals, comparatively small in number, university educated, which is not to say well educated. And they instinctively organize and dominate their Clients. New York state has 29 electoral college votes. This is largely due to New York City’s massive population. However only 15% of that population actually votes so the fate of New York state’s 29 electors is decided by 1.2 million voters.

Nebraska on the other hand has 1.92 million voters but only has 5 electoral votes.

Americans my bridle at the term Commoner but it’s an accurate enough descriptor for men who just want a job, a house and to raise their family with Christian values. Although the Gentry prefers to refer to us as the Deplorables.

The Clients want free shit because they “deserve” it.

Why do they deserve it?

Well any number of reasons. Great-great grandpa had it rough. Someone insulted them in high school. They are fat and don’t want to feel bad about being unhealthy and unattractive. There are any number of reasons the Clients of the Gentry feel they should get fee shit.

The Gentry whole heartedly agree with their Clients. They just don’t want to pay for it themselves.

That’s where the Commoners come in.

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