Oh My Glod…The Rise of Skywalker is in Jar Jar Territory

It’s officially rotten. Even the professional shills don’t like it.

In case you can’t read the screencap.

Critics Consensus

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker suffers from a frustrating lack of imagination, but concludes this beloved saga with fan-focused devotion.



Total Count: 198

Coming soon

Release date: Dec 19, 2019


Ratings: Not yet available

Mind you this is likely to go up after the CEO of RT gets a terrifying call from Bob Iger. So yes, I predict it will go up a little, but it sure as hell isn’t looking at 98% positive this time around.

5 thoughts on “Oh My Glod…The Rise of Skywalker is in Jar Jar Territory

  1. I am shocked about this. How bad is this film that even the shills can’t support it? I figure the 59% is already tweaked upwards. RT often gives fresh ratings to reviews that say something positive while generally slagging the film. I doubt they can do much more other than quietly dropping negative reviews.

    After that Iger call, RT’s new model will be to only offer ratings based on highly curated, quality reviewers who are in Disney’s employ.


  2. From what I’ve seen so far, it falls in a hilarious middle ground between not being a good movie and having nothing to work with plot-wise, thus disappointing normal people, and actually trying to at least have some kind of payoffs and please the crowd, thus infuriating the SJWs who pretend to love the last movie because it was so “daring” and “different” (read “converged”).

    So other than the people whose primary concern is pleasing Disney, nobody likes it.

    It’s interesting that we’re now seeing a lot of SJWs actively campaign against making movies that people enjoy watching, between this and the new Ghostbusters reboot. I’d have to go reread Corporate Cancer, but I think this indicates that the movie industry is reaching a terminal level of convergence.


  3. I wonder how much of the low score has nothing to do with the film’s quality and is instead attributable to butthurt over retconning Their Precious (TLJ) out of existence. Almost every review I read had some variation on “if you liked TLJ, you won’t like this one.” They universally liked TLJ because it was SJW: The Movie, so any walkback from that was going to be met with resistance.

    The most important thing to a SJW is that feeling of unearned superiority over others, so it must sting to see an IP that they thought they owned pandering to those filthy deplorable true fans instead of them.


  4. MrUNIVAC December 19, 2019 at 2:41 am
    so it must sting to see an IP that they thought they owned pandering to those filthy deplorable true fans instead of them.


    because the OG fans wanted to see all of the Skywalkers dead, with the last Skywalker ( Kylo ) having sacrificed his life for a Palpatine … and to have that Palpatine use the Skywalker restroom facilities because, hey-oh, in Current Year you can identify as anything you want, you racist sexist homophobic dipshit.

    you all remember i made a prediction of $500 million a couple of days ago? some of you may not understand why i did that.

    i’m SUPPOSED to be the outrageous lunatic, standing at the edge of the known world, at the far edge of visibility from the Normals, howling into the void.

    when reality starts to conform to what i’m saying? and even worse, when Normies start admitting that what i’m saying is correct? damn son, that’s scary.

    you know, this trilogy does make sense … if viewed a certain way.


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