The House That Sears Built

After a 132 years, the company that built America is declaring bankruptcy.  Sears, is closing an additional 142 stores on top of the 40 that were announced in August.  It is possible that the former retail giant won’t survive this crisis and that there will be nothing left of it but some empty Ghost-Boxes in […]

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Ravelry: the Decline and Fall

The truth about “Get Woke, Go Broke,” is that no one goes broke. What happens is that their stock value takes a hit and the company may have to take a write down but that is all that happens. The owners and corporate officers get to attend cocktail parties with their friends and collect vast […]

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Blogs and Ends: The Monday Dump

Any of my regular readers know that I love me some Bollywood. Now as crazy as Bollywood movies are they have nothing on the utter insanity of Indian Tamil movies. Unlike J.J. Abrams who has a gift for ruining his own movies with one scene that looks cool at the expense of reality. Tamil movies […]

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