Question for My Readers

And it concerns this guy. I am behind on my writing goals for the year. I will be coming up a book shorter than I had planned. However, there is a quick and dirty way around this.

Song Grod already has 35,000 words in it. If I grind hard in December I should be able to finish it by new years day.

I have said in the past there is a very limited market for it and I stand by that. It would be career disaster to publish it on Amazon as I am certain my Kindle account would be permanently canceled.

However, there may…MAY be an alternative.

The question for you all is this. Are you interested in buying Song of Grod if I published it at five dollars a copy?

Please leave your answer in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Question for My Readers

  1. The Career Banner-Sergeant brings a refreshingly blunt attitude and instrument to the fantasy of the high, I mean middle fantasy. Why not an orc for a hero? Yes, I’d buy it.


  2. At $5 I would consider it a steal and look forward to an opportunity to buy it. The stuff you have posted is very pleasurable reading. Places like here and Vox Day’s blog are welcome respites from the shenanigans going on.


  3. In case you haven’t seen it yet and if you need some motivation there is a Video that Sol has posted at his SNAFU blog spot a 4 minute motivator/strategic vision kind of thing.


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