Star Wars: The Marketing Awakens

Well they finally came up with a workable marketing plan. It is THE END of the saga. The implication being that this is the last of the Star Wars movies even though intellectually everyone knows that it’s not remotely the case. But that is the feeling the marketing campaign is going for with this ‘end […]

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Cataline Recommends: Enthiran 2.0

I’ve heard Enthiran referred to as the “Indian Terminator…” …by people who have either never seen Enthiran or never seen The Terminator. There is no point in going over all the ways this is wrong. Aside from there being a robot in lead, that’s pretty much it.  Honestly, that movie is closer to Tobor the Great than the Terminator.    Admittedly, it’s Tobor with a ton of dance numbers.  […]

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This one caught my attention because I honestly didn’t know how Black Panther, (a movie with an incredibly high priority for Disney/Marvel), could have such terrible CGI. Now Justice League, I understood. Henry Cavil refused to shave his mustache off for the reshoots that Joss Whedon was doing because he had another film commitment with […]

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Hooray for Tollywood

Cataline: Dear Readers have you ever wondered what would have happened if Bruce Lee and Cheech Marin had a baby? Reader 1: Oh god, what’s he doing?Reader 2: I don’t know and I’m not into this!Reader 3: I‘m scared!Reader 4: I’m leaving! Cataline: Too late! Doors are locked from the outside.  Now buckle up we’re […]

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