Ravelry: the Decline and Fall

The truth about “Get Woke, Go Broke,” is that no one goes broke. What happens is that their stock value takes a hit and the company may have to take a write down but that is all that happens. The owners and corporate officers get to attend cocktail parties with their friends and collect vast rafts of attention and praise for having destroyed their own wealth. They are like New Guinea tribesmen in that regard. They count coup on those around them by destroying their own wealth in the name of being the one true Woke.

They achieve higher status within their group and increased status is an incredibly powerful motivator.

However there is a problem with all of this. It only works when you are billionaire.

A little background for those of you who aren’t knitters. Ravelry.com (hell no, no link provided) is or rather was the premiere site for the knitting community. I know this because my wife, Lady Cataline is very much into knitting, Mostly things for the children but occasionaly I get something nice out of it too. My balaclava came from her loving hands and it is great when the temperature drops below zero.

It was a tremendous resource for her in terms of the patterns and discussions on knitting. The problem is of course that modern knitting got it’s start in the late Sixties.

This was photo was taken fifty years go

And these were the type of knitters that were the loudest voices on that site. If you want to know where the patterns for Pussy Hats came from, it was Ravelry. However, that is not to say that SJWs were the only knitters that used the site. There was a fairly broad political spectrum of users.

A few months ago Lady Cataline was in a hyper rage when she saw this update on the site:

We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy.

It jabbered on for a bit in that tone but that’s the meat of it.

I can’t really say it was Convergence either because the owners haven’t changed and they were always hard Left. I suppose what happened was that their attitudes Converged.

That was it. My wife downloaded the patterns she owned and canceled her membership. Ravelry was a tremendous resource for her and there is still no place that has replaced it on the net although there are now a few that are cropping up.

My wife wasn’t the only one to leave .

Below is Ravelry’s current rank on Alexa.

Ravelry.com has lost gone down 3000 ranks in the past 90 days. Most pro sites would be shitting themselves if they lost 300.

And that rank is only for the past 90 days. The exodus began before that.

If you are curious about that slight uptick at the end, that is Ravelry finally getting their physical servers back on line. They lost the cloud based service they had been using in better days.

The SJWs at Ravelry have reached their completely predictable endstate. The right wing is gone. The moderates have finally fled in terror. So now the SJWs are frantically devouring their own. Anyone who commits the most minor of deviations from (or simply fails to keep up with) SJW dogma, is piled on and ripped to pieces.

Until…and this is the important part…until that person comes up with the name of the next victim.

This is what Get Woke, Go Broke really looks like.

One thought on “Ravelry: the Decline and Fall

  1. My wife has a different craft and craft site she uses, in its case it is being destroyed by black women who frankly would give any shit lord a run for his money in absolutely nihilistic venomous hatreds.


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