I Was Wrong

Rian Johnson is genius.

He was making art imitate life.

Mark Hamill really is a sad, washed up, bitterly pathetic old man who could easily be beaten by girl with no martial arts training at all.

It was brilliant.

5 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

  1. For those of you who hate in-jokes that require you to look crap up on the internet, you’re welcome:

    “Actor Mark Hamill, best known for his role as virgin Kenny Dantley in 1978’s ‘Corvette Summer’, tweeted ‘go force yourself’ to Ivanka Trump’s 3 year old son dressed as a stormtrooper.”

    Details on the story available at:


  2. My opinion should not count, I think Rose Tico is more SW than Mary Sue Rey. I’m not joking, if Disney wanted to do a hail mary they could put her and Fin back together for a caper and put more of a comedy edge on it and I would watch it before I had to watch Super Force Chick God anyday.


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