Blogs and Ends: The Monday Dump

Any of my regular readers know that I love me some Bollywood. Now as crazy as Bollywood movies are they have nothing on the utter insanity of Indian Tamil movies. Unlike J.J. Abrams who has a gift for ruining his own movies with one scene that looks cool at the expense of reality. Tamil movies are invariably breaking out the asylum the moment the opening credits are finished…or before they are finished.

Now, I have watched all three of the movies examined. And have done a Cataline Recommends on the first one. Bahubali. Let me know in the comments if you want my opinions on the other two.

As usual if you insist on polluting my comments with solipsistic declarations of your disinterest. You are out on your ear for good.

Critical Drinker reviews Rambo Last Blood. I haven’t seen it yet and frankly I’m not going to. I loved Rambo II and that romance ended with Rambo II. If you enjoyed the next two movies, good for you, I can’t take that away from you and I won’t try.

But that said, I am not seeing this one because I don’t want to encourage Stallone to make any more of these.

Now, I am on the record as hating making a Joker movie on general principle and I’m sticking with that. He’s a character that suffers if you give him a backstory because, that would make Joker more human.

However, a lot people whose opinions I trust are absolutely wild about it. I would like to see this while it’s still in the theaters but there is no way that is going to happen this year.

Here is Jay and Mike’s review of Joker which is more even handed than rabidly enthusiastic.

Okay, I’m done here.

One thought on “Blogs and Ends: The Monday Dump

  1. Cataline said
    Let me know in the comments if you want my opinions on the other two.

    what a Replyslut.

    you know damn well you can’t leave us swinging like that.

    Bollywood is completely bonkers, you must now PROVE that Tamillywood is even crazier.


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