Star Wars: The Marketing Awakens

The Dagger of Mor…?
…I don’t fucking care.

Well they finally came up with a workable marketing plan.

It is THE END of the saga.

The implication being that this is the last of the Star Wars movies even though intellectually everyone knows that it’s not remotely the case. But that is the feeling the marketing campaign is going for with this ‘end of an era’ motif.

Combined with a good old fashioned, carnival barker, “these tickets are red hot, folks! Get’em now, before they are gone!” Although what they are actually saying is, “this is the fastest selling preimier weekend in the history of motion pictures!”

Yeah, if my local theaters are anything to go by then, no, there are going to be plenty of seats available on opening day.

It will make money to be sure but it’s not going to break a billion.

UPDATE: George Lucas reacts to the trailer.

I can’t believe this is from ass-kissing Collider Media. I’ll give them a thumbs up on the one hand but it’s accompanied by an up-raised middle finger on the other.

3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Marketing Awakens

  1. That video was hilarious and an extremely convincing George Lucas impression / fake (there needs to be a new word this type of use of tech to imitate the voice of someone).


  2. so this is the end of the original Death Star:

    this is the end of the 2nd Death Star:

    where is there supposed to be enough material left for there to be anything significant for Reeeeee to explore? much less for the Ep6 throne room to still be intact?


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