“Pierre Delecto” Seriously Mitt?

That’s what you went with?

Only Mitt Romney could accidently come up with a Twitter handle that reminds people of “Delecto Flagrante” and “Lucky Pierre,” at the same time.

And isn’t “Lucky Pierre,” the perfect metaphor for Romney? The guy in the middle of MMF three way who is both trying to screw but still getting fucked at the same time?

Look having a smurf account on Twitter is perfectly understandable if you are public figure. If you are Mitt Romney and you don’t want it generally known that you are keeping up with say, Jack Posobiec, you set up an “egg account” and then NEVER tweet on it.

In Renaissance Italy there was a specialized court jester who spoke the truth, only when wearing a mask. Pierre Delecto reveals the truth of Mitt Romney, by his choices of who he followed and what he felt he had to comment on from behind his mask.

From Breitbart: “we were able to discover just how much Mitt Romney loves him some Mitt Romney, and when Mitt Romney doesn’t get his due, Mitt Romney is there to say something about the greatness of Mitt Romney.

When Mitt Romney discovers his numero uno shrieking fangirl is disappointed in Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney is there to stand tall for Mitt Romney:

Gosh darn it, Mitt Romney does too have a moral compass.

Mitt Romney has principles, so says Mitt Romney, and so say we all…

But look at what Romney’s really doing, look at how pathetic this all is…”

Everything here is about resentment. He resents the Red People he could never connect with. He absolutely resents Donald Trump for his ability to do so. He resents Trump for having won the presidency when he feels he deserves it so much more. And he was using the tweets of Ahoy Twitter to both balm and inflame his resentment.

That is the really sad part of Pierre Delecto. We got to see what Mitt Romney really cares about. And his concerns are clearly and obviously those of a “lesser son of a great man.” The insecurities of Fredo Corleone.

The saddest part of all of this is that, Mitt Romney really is the guy we all thought he was.

5 thoughts on ““Pierre Delecto” Seriously Mitt?

  1. We dodged a bullet, almost literally by having the Obama cult and I thought I wouldn’t say that about Mitt, McCain yes I knew him to be severely brain damaged and suffering PTSD but Mittens I thought would have been a decent Rotarian CoC step and fetch that would play the D’s bad R’s good game about as well as we can expect.

    PS I was in the MC from 81 to 85, seen a few SNCOs having tail rotor done fell off meltdowns, and to think that McCain there would probably test that amendment issue if America was sane enough to break with the forever wars against Russia and all.


  2. That’s just sad. No, Mitt that’s pathetic. I do so have friends and admirers. You guys dodged a bullet with this loser.


  3. He resents the Red People he could never connect with.

    don’t we KNOW that Mittens gave Massachusetts “RomneyCare”. and don’t we know that RomneyCare is the basis of ObamaCare?

    i mean, how ungrateful can we be?

    leave Mittens alone now, he needs to do some more corporate raiding and throw a bunch of proles out of work by off shoring their jobs … because they suck and he’s better than them.


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