Proper Dead

We now know what Trump got from Turkey as part of the deal.

I can’t go into details because I’m still under a TS clearance but from my personal experience, when we can’t track down that big of a target, then some other government is always hiding him. Half the time it’s an open secret as to who is sheltering the package.

The part about this that’s making me laugh is the reaction of the Left. I had joked once that if Trump condemned cannibalism the Left would embrace it as an Earth friendly alternative food source, “Remember what the Green in Solyent Green stands for folks!” But then they went and embraced cannibalism before Trump got a chance to say a word against it.

This time they are offering somber farewells to an “austere Islamic scholar,” who left us at too young an age.

They are also complaining about how Trump is saying bad things about the man at length and that this will offend the terrorists.

Do you remember how respectful Obama was when the SEALs killed Bin Laden. We gave him a proper Muslim burial at sea and everything.

Well Bahgdadi is proper dead.

Mostly, Obama just confused the Muslim world by claiming on the one hand that Osama wasn’t a Muslim at all. And then treating his corpse like a foriegn dignitary’s.

In this case abusing the corpse is the right course of action. What made Bahgdadi dangerous was that he DID meet all of the Koranic requirements to be the Caliph of all Islam. Most Westerner’s really aren’t aware of how much of a whirlwind he set off in the Muslim world, with his demand that everyone submit to him in proper bea-ah. He was legitimate so long has he did everything in accordance with “prophetic methodology,” held his territory and expanded it. He was starting to create a fairly dangerous snowball effect for a while, where his successes fed on themselves.

Dissmissing him as failed nobody will strip away the last shreds of legitimacy ISIS still had. Oh, they will select a new Caliph but it won’t be the same. Not when it’s obvious that the new guy isn’t worth America’s time to go after.

In treating him, emphatically like a worthless criminal, Trump is stripping ISIS of what little legitimacy it had left.

One thought on “Proper Dead

  1. If the Left can be said to have a collective mind and I say it does it is at the mental/emotional level of a 19 year old white suburban chick brat with a year of college under her panties.

    The worst part of dealing with this is listening and reading the bow tie wearing idiots legitimize the Left’s rule especially on the moral level of all our conflicts.


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