Why Grod is NOT Going to be Released on Amazon

From Author Brian Niemeier’s Blog:

“If you travel in the circles where this blog is read, you already know that yesterday Amazon nuked preorders for Jon Del Arroz’s and Declan Finn’s latest books.

Amazon shut down Jon Del Arroz’s Glorified novel along with Declan Finn’s Deus Vult novel from publisher Silver Empire.

Publisher Russell Newquist was informed that both books, which were scheduled to be released on November 1st, were removed from Amazon and Kindle.

Having worked with Russell Newquist before, I can affirm that Amazon blaming this debacle on his negligence is textbook DARVO behavior. Russell says he uploaded the files weeks ago.

Assuming the publisher of a best selling series inexplicably forgot to upload the third installment after books 1 and 2 launched without a hitch, the ones with the most to lose–the authors–would be crawling down his throat.

But they’re not. They’re looking right at Amazon.

And it’s not as if the accused megacorp doesn’t have a history of such censorious behavior.

While Amazon claims the pre-order for the books were cancelled because of missing a deadline, Newquist believes it’s suspicious that Amazon “canceled two controversial Christian Fiction books at once.”

It’s mind-boggling how much of our elites’ seemingly random behavior makes perfect sense once you realize they hate the Christ.”

Honestly, it makes me nostalgic for the bad old days of the gatekeepers of the big New York publishing companies.

At least when they reject your book, you know where you stand with them. But with Amazon it’s now a throw of the dice.

3 thoughts on “Why Grod is NOT Going to be Released on Amazon

  1. There is Smashwords. In contrast to Amazon they don’t add VAT tax when I’am buying books there. This makes indie books much cheaper.


  2. Food for thought, there.

    Chapter [REDACTED]

    The receptionist at Warriorette Press and Smash boggled as Career Banner-Sergeant Grod strode in. “I will see the individual assigned to printing the manuscript,” he boomed.

    “Sir,” the reception being caroled in a sing-song voice, “This is a gun-free zone. No guns allowed … but hey, I LOVE the tats. Where did you get them done?” This was followed by a snap of its calm-cud.

    Grod murmured in reply, “No powder weapons of any kind. Only my ceremonial devices, required of my tribe to be carried as badges of honor,” with an ominous flick of one wrist. “And … I work for a living!” he delivered in a dangerous low tone.

    “Hey … that’s a knife! You can’t have that in here!” the being shrieked, reaching for a bell-pull. Grod leaned over and pinned its hand, accidentally breaking the wrist in the process. “What part of … tribal .. ceremonial … devices do you not understand?” he whispered with a medium grimace, emphasizing each word with a slight (for an orc) press on the hand. The reception being, broken out of calm by the litany of pain from its bones, now focused on the orc warrior, grinning with a wall of sharp fangs only inches from its face.


  3. After watching that mess unfold, who can blame you? Still, I hear someone’s making a play to open up another avenue that might be a viable means to get your work out in the future…


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