Blogs and Ends: The Newest

The newest Mandalorian trailer.

I still refuse to be optimistic.

In honor of the newest Mandalorian trailer

The part I liked best was the hand off of a real pistol to the robot. It was nice slight of hand.

The sequel. You know the Cylons came from somewhere.

UPDATE: I have now posted the right video

7 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends: The Newest

  1. Either it will be good and the SJW vultures will come in and destroy it, or it will be bad. Either way, it is better not to hope.

    My wife, who loves SW*, simply stated that while she would like to see, she wasn’t paying for Disney+.

    * Yes, this means I’ll be going to IX….on matinee day.


  2. Looks like someone thought: what if John Wick and Star Wars had a love child? But i doubt the SJWs can resist the temptation to hide a purple-haired lesbian under that helmet. I’ll probably get the torrent sometime.


  3. it’s a collection of vaguely interesting dialogue lines

    which are completely incoherent, logically disjointed and not one of which connects to the next.

    i’m hoping that these are supposed to be hashed highlights of a 10-15 minute conversation because otherwise this is just complete gibberish.

    Is the world more peaceful since the revolution?” – so it’s considered rational to ask if the rise of the New Republic is causing more violence and suffering than had existed under the Empire? who were the “good guys” in Episode 6?

    It is a shame that your people suffered.” well, this certainly implies that there are a large number of people for whom the revolution was a very bad thing indeed.

    But bounty hunting is a complicated profession.” uh. what does this have to do with his people suffering? or the violence inherent in the system of the New Republic? this monologue makes me feel repressed.

    They said you were coming. They said you were the best in the parsec. Would you agree?” would i agree that i’m coming? i’m not even breathing hard yet. also, very nice to see that Star Trek is maintaining the tradition of misusing the parsec term.

    Mandalorian, look outside. They are waiting for you.
    Yeah? Good.”
    very nice. finally some statements that make a modicum of sense.


    1. > “Is the world more peaceful since the revolution?” – so it’s considered rational to
      > ask if the rise of the New Republic is causing more violence and suffering than
      > had existed under the Empire?

      The one good thing that the sequels have shown us is the humans and aliens in the Star Wars Galaxy can not handle Democracy…and that if they want to end the thousands of years of strife there needs to be a pogram of EVERY force sensitive in the Galaxy. Just imagine it as curing Polio.


  4. @Chris Lutz,
    If you go see IX on matinee day–it’d be a shame if you were to accidentally say a different movie name when you bought your ticket. Devil Mouse wouldn’t get paid.


  5. I want to like it…the scenes of IG-88 cleaning house are epic, but it’s too late. It’s a shame since Jon Favreau knows how to film suspense and action and keep his wokeness under control,


  6. I doubt it, CBS edited Survivor footage last night to give us at least 5 minutes of White privilege sermonizing, technically I lost track since I picked up my phone and tuned it out but it was there in all its derangement. So go with the first post, if not there it will be added and then we will click on to BiC’s website for crazy political/social commentary from Jon F., because reasons.


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