May the Fourth…Whoa Dude! Disney! Lawsuit!

So the fan-created and Disney conscripted Star Wars holiday of May the Fourth has come and gone and I have to say this one was a lot more eventful than I was expecting given the fact there is nothing Star Wars related about to be released and the plague is in town (my governor says it is and you have to listen to her).

On the eve of the worst earnings call in the entire one hundred year history of Disney Entertainment, Lucasfilm officially announced that Lesley fucking Headland’s unwanted, undesired, and utterly lubricous feminist-centric Star Wars series has been green-lit!

Quick reminder about the drama surrounding this one.

A couple of weeks ago, there was an announcement for a new untitled Star Wars tv series made outside of official Disney public relations channels. The next day…

Yesterday the WDWMagic forums were blowing up. For those who don’t know, WDWM is a forum dedicated to Disney World where actual cast members are known to hang out and talk about things. And what they wanted to know yesterday was “why are the Bobs so pissed off at Lucasfilm today?”

Allegedly both Bob Iger and Bob Chapek were on a tear about Lucasfilm and nobody was sure why. A number of high-level meetings were suddenly being scheduled. The answer, allegedly, was the very, very unauthorized leak of a Star Wars project being headed by Lesley Headland. 

My suspicion is that this story idea was getting kicked around in happier times, back in February but was now being axed. If there is one thing the SJWs have learned, is that it’s easy to use the Woke tail, to wag the rest of a Liberal dog. Get the press on your side and a Lefty boss is bound to cave and let you have your project. And hey, if you have a hit, you are a hero and all is forgiven. If it fails you are still a hero for having pushed hard Left.

The problem is that this time, survival is on the line. Even if Disney opens back up in July, they will probably be a decade recovering from this. It’s possible that the only thing that will be open at Disney World for a while is the Magic Kingdom. Most of the employees have been furloughed and who knows how many are coming back? A lot of guaranteed moneymakers are going to have to be canceled. And this ditz at Lucasfilm decides to ramrod a pet project of hers when the company is about to fall down and go boom?

Next week might be a very interesting one at Lucasfilm.

I never spoke true words.

This is nothing short of amazing to me. After the disaster that was Solo a Star Wars Story and the massive wedge that was driven into the fanbase by The Last Jedi and the complete COLLAPSE of the Star Wars toy market. I was convinced that Kathleen Kennedy would be fired. I mean, good lord, why would you keep this lunatic on?

And the answer appears to be that she has a vagina.

Disney is utterly incapable of any kind of control over this woman because she is a woman and they can’t discipline her, they can’t give her orders, they can’t do anything to her because if they do, the Bobs will be called, sexists. And they would rather leave Disney a smoking hole in the ground rather than endure this.

The tail at Lucasfilm will wag the dog until the day that Kathleen Kennedy arrives at her office to find out that it’s been padlocked by the county sheriff because everything in the entire Disney corporation is being auctioned off due to foreclosure.

Well at least Lucasfilm is good for meme fodder.

6 thoughts on “May the Fourth…Whoa Dude! Disney! Lawsuit!

  1. Haha, got to love it. Right when it looks like Star Wars might be coming out of the coma that KK put it in, she delivers the coup de grace with yet another project that literally no one wanted or asked for, and which is guaranteed to be met with hostility by the fans (but beloved by the Twatter SJW mob which doesn’t buy any of the things they claim to love). Oh well. I can’t even get mad about it anymore. I’ll keep bitterly clinging to my plush Ewok and watching the Project 4K and Despecialized editions.

    I’m going to link the drunken Scotsman because it’s relevant.


    1. I love that thumbnail: it helps you realize that the one reason Jyn Erso exists is that there was no way to have Rey appear at the time of the OT, and so KK had to settle for a different – but identical – Mary Sue.


    2. Amusing and ironic when you realize these new heroines are just KK’s self-insert fanfic.

      Even more amusing if you remember that buzz awhile back that it was actually a woman advisor who was supposedly the real mastermind behind Palpatine.

      Ironic indeed: the heroines are KK’s self-insert, but the this advisor character is more a representation of her: a bitter assistant who dreams she can do the job better than the CEO.


  2. Y’know, at this point I seriously wish JJ hadn’t made his attempt to walk back and undo the worst of the damage done by the Last Jedi and Rian Johnson had stayed at the helm and stuck to his guns and completely destroyed the franchise with Episode 9.

    Kill off Lando, the Falcon and the crew, and do it in the most contrived and humiliating way possible, they build up music like they’re going to do something awesome, then she ship slams into a force field or an asteroid falls on it. Degrade and defecate on the last of the OT characters and accomplishments, bring in characters even worse than Holdo. Smash Star Wars and bury it for good rather than let it continue to limp along as a nostalgic cash grab.

    I even regret the Mandalorian. It’s not a hope for things to come, but a bittersweet reminder of what might have been, and 20 years too late.

    I don’t even hate Star Wars anymore. I just want it gone.


  3. She has to have something on the Bobs. I mean she isn’t even competent at getting the movies made. Three of the five movies had their directors replaced. The Trilogy of Fail didn’t have an overarching outline. She let Roundhead do whatever he wanted. Then she allowed JJ create a follow-up film that is essentially spitting on Roundhead. Sure, not much to work with, but you have to do something. It’s not just that she made bad movies. She made bad movies that were hideously expensive. The brand is nuked.


    1. Of the five movies she HAS made, only one of them was an undisputed home run. Rogue One did better than expected, but it would have done even better if she hadn’t ordered extensive last-minute reshoots to shoehorn Vader into the plot, or kept her writers on a leash instead of letting them mouth off about politics.

      Then after TLJ brought in nearly three quarters of a billion less than expected, Solo became the first-ever Star Wars film to lose money, mainly because over 80% of the movie was reshot by Richie Cunningham after KK fired Lord and Miller.

      I wonder if she was involved at all on Fall of Skywalker. At least half of that movie feels like Disney apologizing for TLJ. She was absolutely delighted with how that trainwreck turned out, so I very strongly doubt that she signed off on the plan to retcon it into oblivion. That had to have come from JJ and the Bobs.


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