Iron Ding-Bat Update

Her latest idiocy.

Free college education for…buckle up for this one…Essential Workers.

Michigan got socked in the jaw by the WuFlu. We are by any reasonable measure the fifth hardest-hit state in the country. Michigan still has a lot of factories and they are damn near all shuttered.

Gretchy-Poo’s reaction?

Send the few people who have jobs to school.

And forgive me for stating the fucking obvious but the “essential workers” either already have college degrees and beyond. Or else they are long time veterans of the service industry and accepted certain realities about their ability to benefit from college a l-o-n-g time ago.

The fifty-eight-year-old woman running the grocery cash register, who babysits her own grandchildren on the weekend really isn’t looking for this kind of a “leg-up” in the world. She has scratch-offs and lottery tickets for that.

As to how the Iron Ding-Bat intends to pay for this?


Federal funds.

That she has no control over.

4 thoughts on “Iron Ding-Bat Update

  1. I love your tales of Michigan, it just makes Texas so much better. Our government didn’t even want to shut down and tried to leave it up to the counties.


  2. I understand why the Dems took control of the governor’s mansion, Rick Snyder is why. But how did Whitner become the Dem nominee, was there no one less insane to run?


  3. All of these dem governors are in a massive pissing contest, seeing who can keep their state locked down the longest. Virginia started it, then Oregon and Washington have each upped the ante. At the rate this is going, I look for the Iron Ding-Bat to keep us locked down until August or until she’s Biden’s running mate, whichever comes first.


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