New Star Wars Series Announced…Yay, Muppet Arms!!!

Yeah, I’m being sarcastic.

Okay, lets get this over-with.

“Disney+ is developing a female-centered Star Wars series that will be written and showrun by Lesley Headland, a co-creator of Netflix’s Emmy-winning dramedy series Russian Doll.

Deadline has confirmed the gist of the series. While the exact plot is under wraps, but the series is understood to be a female-driven action thriller with martial arts elements and set in an alternate timeline from the usual Star Wars universe. Disney declined comment on the project, which was first reported by Variety.”

Russian Doll was nowhere on my radar, so I watched the trailer.

Yeah, it’s Groundhog’s Day with a some drunken slut. Brilliant stuff.

Basically it looks like yet another attempt to sell Star Wars to China by hiring Li Gong to play Diverse Kick-Ass Woman. And bring on noted-feminist showrunner who doesn’t give a shit about Star Wars to helm it in order to guarantee good press.

This is the latest evidence that The Mandalorian will be a flukish one-off if Kathleen Kennedy has anything to say about it.

However, I don’t know if she will or not. Right now Disney couldn’t be in more turmoil. She still has her Job or at least her job title and she will hold on to that with the fury and determination of a post-menopausal Boomer woman who can only continue to draw breath if she has an ounce of power. I have no doubt she is pointing to the billion-dollar watermarks on the Reylo trilogy as proof that she should keep her job. And right now Disney’s leadership is a very unstable situation. Bob Iger was fired/quit and then brought back on board. Bob Chapek is this half-CEO that was probably promoted because he is really good at trimming budgets but seems to be lost in the crisis.

Nobody at the top is in a position to clean house at Lucasfilm and Kennedy knows it. So she is doing what she has done before. Make an announcement that is likely to have popular support with the press and then try to run with it, if it gets any traction at all. Remember the Boba Fett movie? Or the Lando movie? I was tempted to throw in the Ben Kenobi series but that one almost happened. Except that Kennedy demolished the whole thing because she didn’t like the scripts. Ewan McGregor will probably be unavailable by the time Kenobi has been mauled to Kennedy’s satisfaction. Look for Obi-wan Kenobi to be “daringly reimagined” as an obese black woman.

The only thing that I find vaguely hopeful in this is the use of the words “alternate timeline.” Implying that there is the vaguest of hopes that the Reylo franchise can one day be retconned away as an alternate timeline itself and that the real timeline is the one that took place with Mara Jade in it.

5 thoughts on “New Star Wars Series Announced…Yay, Muppet Arms!!!

  1. Is it really that hard to listen to fans? I mean they keep saying they want female star wars characters and the fans keep going “Mara” and the studios are just like nah. Man the picture at the top could be a cool movie.


    1. Well, Mara is a redhead and in Disney hell they are verboten.

      Okay, that trailer is horrible. Having Emmy award winning anymore is like saying Hugo award winning; an indication the product is probably crud. Groundhog Day works because Bill Murray comes out a better person at the end.


    1. Nope. The announcement says “female-driven action thriller with martial arts elements”, so I’d say more Black Widow/Mulan. IN SPACE!!!


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