Question For My Readers

Do any of you know someone personally who is COVID-19 positive? This is about as half-assed a survey as can be conducted but the fact of the matter is we all should know somebody who has died from it by now. Answer in the comments below if you would be so kind.

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Who’s Coming Out on Top?

Good question. We may (or may not) be at the midpoint of the COVID Crisis. The economy is not going to snap back in place like a rubber band. A good economy is dependent on momentum and that momentum is going to have to take time to build up again. Zero to sixty instantly isn’t […]

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What’s Cancelled Now?

Well what isn’t? San Diego Comic-Con is canceled this year: Hardly a shock.  Diamond isn’t shipping.  Most of the comics shops are closed and god only knows how many are ever going to reopen. There won’t be any big movie openings this summer.  It isn’t like they could hold a convention just for people who like comic […]

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The Revenge of Gina Kent

You know what they say about sucking your own dick, don’t you? It feels great! I absolutely nailed the character of Gretchen Whitmer with my creation Gina Kent. My prescience amazes even myself. Whitmer has decided to take revenge on the entire state of Michigan. The state that elected her goverenor by the way. “The […]

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Did It Get Out of a Lab?

I’m not claiming to have found a bar-code on the side of it. It’s China’s reaction to Covid-19 that is the real tell here. It was the extent of the initial cover up to include the arrests of people trying to sound an alarm that reeks of frantic attempts to ‘save face’ (in the original […]

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