Did It Get Out of a Lab?

I’m not claiming to have found a bar-code on the side of it.

It’s China’s reaction to Covid-19 that is the real tell here. It was the extent of the initial cover up to include the arrests of people trying to sound an alarm that reeks of frantic attempts to ‘save face’ (in the original sense of that term).

The initial knee-jerk was to pretend nothing had happened, which was followed by a frantic desire to pin the blame on someone else.

All of this is consistent with “saving face.”

Put the question on it’s head.

If an altered virus got of a lab in China, in what way would the people of the Han behave differently?

One thought on “Did It Get Out of a Lab?

  1. Agree to disagree with the esteemed host–in what circumstance would the Chinese NOT act in such a way as to save face? They don’t think of “bad luck” the way we do. Not saying you’re wrong, only that this isn’t sufficient info to guess as to what happened here.


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