What’s Cancelled Now?

Well what isn’t?

San Diego Comic-Con is canceled this year: Hardly a shock.  Diamond isn’t shipping.  Most of the comics shops are closed and god only knows how many are ever going to reopen. There won’t be any big movie openings this summer. 

It isn’t like they could hold a convention just for people who like comic books, now could they?

Anime Expo is canceled this year:  Which is definitely a blow to the cosplay crowd as this was their biggest annual thing.

Sadly, it’s not just the cosplayers that are getting hurt by the Cons closing.  There are a lot of people that rely on Con show room sales to make ends meet while they are trying to make their dreams happen. Making things worse is the fact that it’s going to be hard to get a lot of the conventions up and running again if you miss a year because you need the previous year’s revenue to make this year’s Con happen. Which is going to hurt their entire eco-systems.

The year of the Whamen at the boxoffice is canceled.  The complaint from drama queen feminists was that 2020 “was supposed to be our year!” Because as you all know there has never been an action movie with a woman in it. And this was the year that was supposed to change all that.

Sorry, I didn’t change all that.

Black Widow, Mulan, Wonder Woman and The Eternals are all getting pushed out of their summer slots.  Some of them are going into next year.  

Of these four movies only one of them looked like a surefire hit to me.  Black Widow. It’s the last of old Un-Woke Marvel films

I feel that there is a question mark over Wonder Woman because the plot contrivance looks pretty weak but then so was Wonder Woman’s so I could be wrong on that point.  A story succeeds or fails by the style of its telling more than anything else. Mulan is an action film built from the ground up with the China market in mind and I’ve got some doubts about Disney being able to hit that mark.  The Eternals has the big question mark over it.   This is the first of the new Woke Marvel films.  If it fails, there may be a very big shakeup at Marvel.  Up until now Kevin Feige has been the man that could do no wrong but I’m starting to wonder if there wasn’t an unsung hero behind the scenes like Gene L. Coon was for the original Star Trek.

Stay tuned the Popculturacalypse continues.

2 thoughts on “What’s Cancelled Now?

  1. For Feige possibly his mentor Avi Arad, who has since gone his own way. But it can take time for a man to forget all he learned. See the director’s who learned at Roger Corman’s feet.


  2. the China market in mind and I’ve got some doubts about Disney being able to hit that mark.

    They replaced the uber-hot Alpha male love interest + band of big/little brothers with a redundant Daddy figure and One of the brother-band – all Mulan’s equals or inferiors. There’s a good chance redundant Daddy is going to blow the original conflict: Milan and father both want to save the honor of the clan but disagree on how. Milan has mommy, not daddy issues.

    I’m sure these changes will go over big with the Han.


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