Question For My Readers

Do any of you know someone personally who is COVID-19 positive?

This is about as half-assed a survey as can be conducted but the fact of the matter is we all should know somebody who has died from it by now.

Answer in the comments below if you would be so kind.

21 thoughts on “Question For My Readers

  1. I know someone who had it, she is in her 60’s. She felt bad but recovered in about a week and a half.


    1. March 18-19 he was complaining of food poisoning, He was sent home from work on the 23rd. On the 26th he called his primary doctor about feeling worse and having shortness of breath. He passed out on the phone with the doctor, was transported to the hospital where he was found to have double pneumonia. He was put on a ventilator, put into a medical coma, and never work up. He died on April 1st.


  2. Only know of someone mentioned as a relative of someone at church. Pregnant mother caught it and they had to do a c-section. Baby seems to be doing fine while she is stable in ICU. A friend’s father also has it.


  3. In central Japan: nobody.

    At the same time, most of the un-freaked-out people I talk to quickly mention a weird cold/sore-throat episode in January/February: 1-3 days, treat at home… or just rest and be better.


  4. We live in a reasonably large metro area. I don’t personally know anyone who has it or has had it. I don’t know anyone that knows someone else who’s had it, either.

    My wife works for one of the hospitals (in an adjacent clinic on campus, not in the main hospital), so she knows how many patients are being treated at the hospital, but she has not personally dealt with anyone that has tested positive.


  5. No, I don’t, just one suspected case and that’s third hand. Then again, I live in the sticks and was self isolating before it was cool so take it with a grain of salt.


  6. One work acquaintance in his 50’s tested positive for the coronavirus. He told us, thru video chat, that his symptoms are like a bad cold.


  7. I live in the People’s Republic of New York State, in the Adirondack Mountains. Somewhat close to the location of the Miracle on Ice.

    I personally know 2 people who have tested positive. I work with both and both have recovered. Neither was hospitalized. My wife is a nurse for two hospitals (she is full time at one hospital and per diem at the other) she knows of many. Her ICU is full, both locals and people El Cuomo has shipped up from the city.

    My wife originally poo pooed all talk of China virus being here far longer and far more widespread than what is reported. And that’s considering we both had this phantom flu-like cold that persisted longer than usual back in late January. It was 8 days for me, two weeks for her.

    Now she is hearing things from an old nursing school friend in California and she’s starting to wonder. Apparently, CA is find more people testing positive by antibody test than they expected. I don’t know if any numbers have been released yet.


  8. Live on the Big Island of Hawai’i, the “sticks” of the Islands, and I know no-one who has it or know anyone who knows anyone infected. The house hold had a head cold in late Feb, lasted about 8 days. Treated with bourbon and Dayquil.


  9. I’m the poor bastard who show up at your house to fix your phone/internet/TV. Three guys I work with in NYC have or had it. Union chief steward in another shop that I’ve met a few times died of it, along with several others in the local.

    One of those that died was sent into a hospital with no PPE. 40’s and healthy but must’ve caught a massive dose.

    Last week, the company finally gave me PPE: a single N95 and, I shit you not, a bandana with a couple of rubber bands. Turns out I was one of the lucky ones that got a N95. Most only got the bandana.


  10. 2 Friends diagnosed and treated – sick, but not that bad – no results yet, not in hospital. Our pastor knows of one elderly lady who died of it. Two co-workers exposed to a mural friend I don’t know, tested clear.


    1. Just spoke to one of the two friends who were tested: Both confirmed. One lost sense of smell, had extreme tiredness and very light cough, two days mild difficulty breathing. That’s it. One spiked a high fever, cough, difficulty breathing, but never bad enough to seek medical care. Both are in their 50s and fine now. One has been waiting a month to get a “nonessential” biopsy done. On a scale of cancerous from 1 – 5 , her doctor rated the lump a 4. She hopes to be allowed to get her test in early May IF the governor allows it.


  11. One friend that is a high school teacher had presumed flu in late February, but kept a persistent cough. Was just tested and confirmed that she had COVID and recovered. Strange round of flu and heavy colds went through work in January/February. No one has been tested for antibodies yet, but we support lots of overseas travel …


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