Worth A Look

2 thoughts on “Worth A Look

  1. I liked his comment ~8:05 re: his PPE to be used for 5 days being contaminated at the end of each day when placed into the storage bag.


  2. Thanks for posting this–I agree with him, and can’t help thinking the continuous shrieks calling for continued shutdown can’t be due to medical necessity. In decreasing concern, I can only guess at why the Deep State is pushing this:
    1. to destroy the economy as much and as long as possible to lessen chances for Trump’s re-election (although that’s not iron-clad since Trump voters might not blame him).
    2. to keep us in lockdown til November so they can force mail-in ballots only (definitely iron-clad way to remove Trump because they would cheat so blatantly Satan himself would blush).
    3. Continue the shut-down over the screams of the masses until everyone is starving and willing to be good little slaves. Well, except for Christians–we’ll be rounded up and asked to toe the line. God has power to save us, but if not…


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