The Fall of Couture Begging

You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at this.  Or maybe you do need one?

Regardless, there are layoffs coming to Patreon and Kickstarter. Now this really shouldn’t be a surprise. Not when to take the big picture view of their market plan.

One of the most common ways for a primitive tribe to “count-coup” on an enemy tribe is to destroy their own wealth in front of that enemy in order to humiliate them.  This is Patreon and Kickstarter’s entire market plan and the shocking thing is that it worked for as long as it did.

And when you look into it the competitive destruction of your own wealth to act as the modern counterpart to Florence nobleman during the Renaissance was indeed the driving force behind this business phenomenon. Who is the biggest man by donating the most money?

The problem of course, is that ultimately this is called, “rattling the begging bowl.”  That doesn’t work so well when everyone is begging.

Now maybe these companies can survive the hard times if they had decent cash in reserve but that clearly isn’t the case. And there is no getting around it, they both went so deep into the SJW Convergence pit that it’s impossible not to be wading in schadenfreude.  

I know plenty of people that got hamstrung by these two companies for Thought Crime.

And it was nothing short of hilarious when the same people they banned suddenly started getting emails from Patreon saying in effect, “Come back to us! All is forgiven!”  

After boggling at the tone-deaf hubris, they all started rolling on the floor laughing. Before yelling, ‘fuck you’ at Patreon.

Kickstarter actually reached out to the SJWs at DC Comics to help them gatekeep wrong think and boy did DC deliver in the form of Camilla Zhang.  One look at her and you know exactly why she was hired.

And by the way, if her Twitter is anything to go by, she’s still working at Kickstarter.  So no, Kickstarter is NOT trimming the dead wood.

Patreon and Kickstarter are both doomed.

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