Romney Is Voting Guilty

Trump really dodged a bullet when he decided to trust his gut and not make Captain Cuck Secretary of State. Pierre gave a more in sorrow than anger speech in the Senate chamber. There will be some heroic editing efforts to make it look like he was speaking to a full house. Shannon Pettypiece✔@spettypi “When […]

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How Badly Converged is Blizzard?

The first game of Blizzard’s that really knocked my socks off was Diablo. There is no getting around it, Diablo took third-person adventure gaming to a new level and pushed the technological boundaries of its day. It was as fun as it was addictive. I missed the first Warcraft game but I certainly didn’t miss […]

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Every Impeachment Has Been A Stain

I hear a few desperate voices here and there declaiming that the Senate trial isn’t over and that Donald Trump hasn’t been acquitted yet. Those Lefties with a firmer grasp of reality will grant that it’s all done except for the crying. Well more crying. I mean when have they stopped crying since 2016? You’d […]

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Was Country Music Ever Alive?

Recently, Vox put up a post entitled, Country Music Is Dead. I don’t think it was ever really alive in the first place. When you think about it, how old is Country Music, really? How long has it been around? I would say since about 1970. Seriously, it’s that old. It was about that time […]

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