Romney Is Voting Guilty

Trump really dodged a bullet when he decided to trust his gut and not make Captain Cuck Secretary of State.

Pierre gave a more in sorrow than anger speech in the Senate chamber. There will be some heroic editing efforts to make it look like he was speaking to a full house.

Shannon Pettypiece@spettypi

“When Romney was speaking, the Senate chamber was empty… except for three DemocratsL Sens Murphy, Leahy, and Schatz, who appeared to get emotional during Romney’s remarks…”

Ahoy Twitter and the rest of the Cucks are going on at great length about how noble and brave Pierre is being.

We all know what’s really going on. Yesterday was a huge day for the God-Emperor. The State of the Union address was a legendary success. Iowa was an epic failure for the Democrats while showcasing firm support for Trump by recording setting attendance at the evening slayer known as the Iowa Caucuses. President Trump treated himself to a victory lap on Twitter.

And Mitt Romney, the rightfully forgotten, pitiful, half-man couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to make a plea of relevance and get his knob slobbered on by the badly wounded Team NeverTrump. Plus, a few Democrats.

Now, this may be all that’s going on but there is another possibility.

George Romney’s lesser son maybe plotting one last shot at the White House. That dream will never die for him. He might well be planning to launch a spoiler run as a third-party candidate. Or make himself available, (as a man moved by conscience) to be a vice-presidential candidate on the Democratic Party ticket. After all, Bernie just had a heart attack right? Or possibly, he is going to do the hilarious thing he could do and cross the aisle and make a late run for the presidency as a Democrat.

I admit that last is very unlikely to me but then again I don’t live in Mitt Romney’s head. He’s his own biggest fan-girl and he may just convince himself that the country needs him.

I hope he’ll work himself up to it because it would be utterly hilarious.

5 thoughts on “Romney Is Voting Guilty

  1. He will never forgive or forget that DJT won when he couldn’t. Classic gamma. Now those living in his state should pass senatorial recall and remove him. From Australia I’d like to thank America for the last couple of years of entertainment. The next season promises to be a great one.


  2. Overgrown, what were the alternateves? Obozo in 2012 or the dem candidate in the 2018 elections? I’ve had to swallow my pride and have a stiff drink or 3 in Australian elections. Sometimes it’s a choice between who will do the least damage. In the 2019 ones out here I was going through the ballot and asking who half the clowns were and they were the sitting members. When you are finished with DJT in 2024 can we borrow him for awhile? We desperately need a politician with stones.


  3. TA was the kind of man who wanted to be liked. Seriously that is what he said on the Bolt report in the lead up to the 2013 election. My bellows at the tv screen were heard across the street apparently. He talked a good game but when opertunity came calling dropped the ball or passed it to the opposition. When the media tut-tutted he folded. It didn’t help that he was surrounded by men and women like Bush and Mittens who replaced him with Malcolm Turncoat in late 2015. It gladdened my heart when Trump gave MT both barrels in early 2017 on a phone hookup that was leaked. We really screwed you Americans over that bashugee deal. Obama and Turnbull the malignant narcissistic cancers that will take several decades for our 2 countries to recover from.


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