Was I Too Hard on the Last Jedi?

I have come to  what is for me an absolutely shocking conclusion.  There are people who like The Last Jedi that aren’t being paid by Disney to say they do. Most of these, unsurprisingly, weren’t Star Wars fans.  I know it seems odd but you have to remember, while there are Millennial fans of the […]

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Spiderman’s Golden Balls Dilemma

Sorry, the title was irresistible. There is a game show in the UK called the Golden Balls. It’s actually an interesting concept. It’s based on the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Two strangers are the contestents and they work together throughout the show to build the pot. But at the end of the show they are given one […]

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Birds of Prey Flies Into a Wall

Let me start by saying that this is not a review. I have not seen Birds of Prey and I am not alone there. It arrived in the theaters on Friday A-n-n-n-d now it’s over. “Like renaming an airline in the wake of a disaster, Warner Bros.’ “Birds of Prey” appears to have had its title changed […]

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A Few Comments About the Oscars

Of course I skipped it. That said, I did take a quick gander at the list of winners and losers. I will say this much about the films up for best picture. This was an exceptionally strong years. Six of the nine films nominated actually were very good movies and would probably have won in […]

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Tiny Guns

It’s Sunday! Which means I have better things to do than blog. In that spirit of laboring not upon the sabath, I preset you these amusing links. Or at least they are links that I found amusing. First up Tiny Guns, the only video that was ever demonetized for Corridor Crew. NEXT Tiny Guns 2. […]

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Song of Grod: Chapter Seventeen

This chapter is very raw and is going to have to be massaged quite a bit. But you will note it actually does exist. I am working on this. Consider it proof of life. GROD  They were running down the gray marble stairs, leading away from the bloody horrors that lay in Bryan’s… Brandoc’s… The King’s chambers. Their heels making sharp echoing staccato raps that echoed down the winding staircase.  […]

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Cataline Recommends: The Order

Yeah, this one took me by surprise too. Honestly, I thought it was going to be mopey CW angst fair but shockingly it’s one cut above that. I mean yeah that atmosphere is present but the writing is a lot tighter than just thirty minutes of filler romance between characters I don’t care about, stapled […]

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