Blogs and Ends: La Belle Epoque Edition


This caught my attention.

An intrepid YouTuber decided to take an 1896 film seen below…

And rework it so that it is no longer has that herky-jerky and vaguely fast-forward looking effect that most of the early, hand-cranked, movies have. Peter Jackson did something similar with They Shall Not Grow Old. Now Jackson’s work was brilliant in it’s own right but the horror of the Great War trenches was always going to feel rather other-worldly.

Whereas this little slice of a vanished everyday life feels like something you are viewing through a Childhood’s End timescope.

The reflections against the side of the train are a really nice touch.


In keeping with my theme of lost things from the turn of the century, this German guy will now provide you with the does and don’ts of white tie, tailcoat and Full Fig.

Something most people will never do today because our civilization is collapsing and nobody knows how to tie a bowtie anymore. But at the turn of the last century it was standard night on the town wear.

Technically, I used to wear the military equivalent of White Tie every year at the Marine Corps Ball. Marine Corps Dress Blues with large medals, without ribbons and badges is full-fig equivalent. With ribbons and badges it’s Black Tie equivalent. Which means when I was in recruiting command, I was wearing a tuxedo every day to work.

It’s a pity that White Tie is now lost to us due to the sartorial incompetence of modern celebrities. It was a great equalizer in it’s day. So long as you met the uniform regulations you couldn’t really tell what anyone’s social station was just by looking at them.


Okay, I am now breaking with theme of this post because this thing made me laugh.

Okay, I’m done here.

One thought on “Blogs and Ends: La Belle Epoque Edition

  1. At the 3 min 15 sec mark
    “Hollywood … They just don’t know what they’re doing.”

    words for the ages.

    As for the general theme. I have a photo of the grandparents as young marrieds. She was telling daughter of the guy at drive re brewery wagon. He was telling guy who dropped out at 14 to support his widowed mom and 4 sisters. Both are under 20.

    They look so much classier .. So much more serious and attractive.

    We’ve lost so much.


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