Does Anybody Think There Will Be A #NeverBernie Movement?

Yeah, me neither.

The key to his momentum is simple enough. The Democrats chose to get rid of Winner Take All state primaries. Consequently, whoever becomes the frontrunner first will keep collecting delegates.

They have allowed Bernie to become the face of Socialism and to attack Bernie is to attack Socialism

One thought on “Does Anybody Think There Will Be A #NeverBernie Movement?

  1. One of the most infuriating things about the Democrats is how their leadership keeps them whipped into line and united on every issue, including ones they know damn well will wipe them out like Obamacare and shampeachment. Squishy Democrat moderates NEVER crossed party lines to vote with the Republicans until Trump came along, and even now they make a lot of noise about how they’re going to and then fall into line when it comes time to vote (Manchin is the prime example I’m thinking of here).

    It always goes one way because until recently, Republicans were more afraid of bad press (or in McCain’s case, loved glowing press for being a “maverick” backstabber) than their constituents. They’re slowly waking up to the fact that the media is an enemy operation, but it’s going to take a while before the rest of the party sees them the way that Trump does. Most of the boomers still think the media speaks for America and not coastal elites, or they know it does and don’t care because they crave the approval of said elites.


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