Cataline Recommends Sonic…I’m As Surprised As Anyone

My youngest dragged me to it.

Yeah, it was good. It was comedy that did everything it was supposed to. You liked the good guys and disliked the bad guys (although not too much). The script pretty closely followed the formula as laid out in Blake Snyder’s, Save the Cat.

It says a hell of lot about where we are now, that this completely harmless comedy actually has detractors. Fans of Birds of Prey hate it, and I’m only using the word fan because I haven’t come up with a better descriptor for what they are. And before someone rushes to the comments to start writing, I do in point of fact know where the word “fan” comes from.

It took me a while to find out why the Bird Brains hated Sonic so much. On the face of it their objections are sillier than usual. That if more people are going to see Sonic then less people are going to see Harley Quinn. Which is beyond retarded since Birds of Prey is “R” rated and Sonic is very much a kid’s film.

I found out it goes back to this:

I personally didn’t care one way or the other about this. I was well into my twenties when the Sega Genesis came out. Sonic, was really more of a Millennial thing but there is plenty of crossover with late Gen-X.

However there were plenty of Hedgehog-heads that were incensed and took this as a sign that this was one more thing that Hollywood had got completely wrong.

The producers having been chastised, had the CGI reworked and I suspect it didn’t cost that that much. The first teaser was probably the only computer modeling they had in the can. In retrospect, I think the problem may have been the script. In the story, Sonic is an alien. So the effects guys came up with a compromise model that leaned a little to closely to real life for the fan’s tastes.

But it was the producer’s knuckling under to “Incel-misogynistic-man-babies” that set off the SJW fans of Birds of Prey.

A film that was marketed to feminists as a fuck-you to the Incel-man-babies failed epically, while a film that had gone out of it’s way to cater to them is doing pretty well. That is what has the SJWs pissed at harmless and rather endearing Sonic

Cataline Recommends with Confidence.

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