Blogs and Ends: The Post-Holiday Edition

A reader asked me my opinion of FX’s new “edgy” version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. I said I’d give it a look.

I did.

Then I washed my eyes out with bleach.

FX’s version of A Christmas Carol is hideous, hollow and Woke. I can’t do a proper review of it because I didn’t watch it all the way to the end. I threw in the towel when I figured out that Mrs. Cratchit was prostituting herself in Victorian back alleys to buy Tiny Tim medicine.

My hackles were raised in the opening credits when I saw that harbinger doom, “made in cooperation with the BBC.” I will grant that the BBC used to make some excellent stuff but that nameplate has long since been turned into pelt to be paraded around in by Woketards demanding respect.

It does follow the outline of Dicken’s novel and a few of the memorable lines are used but the whole of the work is completely corrupted. The Christianity has been completely removed from what was a very Christian story of redemption. Scrooge at the end is sorry that he’s been a jerk but he explicitly states, “I refuse redemption. I refuse to change.”

I have a four star rating system. Up until now, Cataline Does Not Recommend has been the lowest rating I had. But FX’s Atheist Christmas Carol gets the new classification, Cataline Says, Avoid Like the Fucking Plague.


A quick review of the new Roku. I have never used it before but I gave one to my in-laws in the desperate hope that they would watch something other than Fox New 24 seven, even on Christmas Day.

Set up was smooth and nearly effortless. The channel addition function worked quite efficiently as well. I knew that they had an Amazon Prime account but being members of the Silent Generation, watching Prime Video has been too much of a bother for them. I was sure that my Father-in-law would love all of the public domain westerns that are available on Prime.

Tragically, within minutes of handing him the remote, he was smiling in childlike delight, he had found Roku’s Fox News channel.

I died a little inside. Christmas gifts aren’t supposed to work like this.


The Witcher. First Impressions.

So far, I like it. I’ve played the games naturally, and it’s true to the books as well. Although in truth, I’ve found the books a bit of slog to get through. I don’t read Polish and the English translation is apparently sub-par.

“She looked at Geralt. The man who was her destiny. The one she was destined for.”

It had to be better in the original language.

Anyway, Henry Cavil is bringing the goods as Geralt. He does a first rate, brooding intensity. So much so, I think he must have been auditioning for Batman when he got the role of Superman. He can handle the physicality the part requires and he can actually act if given good material.

This is not a full review since I haven’t watched the whole thing yet. But my initial impressions are that it’s worth a look.

Okay, I’m done here.

8 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends: The Post-Holiday Edition

  1. How can Scrooge not get redemption? It makes no sense and turns a beautiful story into an exercise in nihilism.

    I always loved that the things Scrooge lost, a wife, children, more time with his sister were gone and not replaceable. But he made the best and was truly happy with what he could have.


  2. Cataline, we owe you way too many beers in taking these hits for the team. Of them all, “A Muppet Christmas Carol” may come closer to the original material. Merry Christmas to you.


    1. So it’s a Jewish plot…… Based on a name which isn’t really used by Jews. Well it’s a bold idea.

      And, I just can’t stress this enough. Jews dont hate Christianity, we are indifferent to it theologically. As for conversos we feel sorrow that they have thrown away their place in Olam HaBa and will no longer be part of our nation.


    2. I’m afraid I can’t buy Scrooge as Jewish for two reasons.
      1. Dickens wouldn’t have made the protagonist of a Christian parable a non-Christian.
      2. When Dickens was being anti-Jewish, he was a lot more blatant about it. Prime example; Fagan.

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  3. I saw a commercial for it and decided not to watch it when I noticed that none of the dialogue used in the commercial was in the original story. Every line of Dicken’s original novel was a precious work of art. It has some of the most iconic lines of all time. I could probably quote you several of them right off the top of my head. This “woke” version is nothing more than vandalism. It’s like going into a five star restaurant expecting to be served Filet Mignon and being served a plate of freshly squeezed-out turds instead.

    if you want to see original and “edgy” takes on Scrooge, watch 1200 Ghosts instead:


  4. I saw a couple of minutes where it looked like Marley was being dragged behind a wagon on a country lane. I changed channels right then.


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