Blogs And Ends: My Day Was Shot Before Nine Edition

With the failures of Comicon, Worldcon and now Gencon fresh on everyone’s mind. I thought we should take a quick look at some other con fails.

First Dashcon

The first and last time Tumblrinas decided to meet in person. It was never going to be a good idea but it was beyond a stunning failure.


Okay, this road-apple was so infested with Tumblrina worms I had to take a closer look at the process of this con


Only thing that was even more badly organized as Dashcon was Fyre Festival. I’m sure you know all about that one but the shaudenfraude is still as fresh today as when it happened.


Lets end this with an ending.

The last Bronycon.

It is kind of interesting to me to see a fandom formally come to an end. That doesn’t happened that often. That there is a fandom that reaches a point where everyone agrees, “well, I guess it’s over guys.”

Okay, I’m done here.

5 thoughts on “Blogs And Ends: My Day Was Shot Before Nine Edition

  1. I think the connecting thread with DashCon and Fyre Festival is that the people who attended them were roundly mocked and laughed at. They were all seen as sheltered snowflakes and rich kids who got something of a comeuppance. I don’t think that’s entirely fair, but it does show the lack of care these people had in researching these events. They were too trusting and/or eager to go to them that they ignored a lot of red flags.


  2. A Tumblr convention never really made sense. It’s too broad, beyond a collection of somewhat pathetic pursuits the people involved didnt really have anything in common.


  3. The Brony video was actually fascinating. No doubt this went over her head, but she mentioned how the fandom demographics had shifted to women and homosexuals. That this is almost certainly why it died is too abstract a concept for her.


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