The Rule of the Karenprinzip

The legal theory of all law in NAZI Germany was the Furherprinzip. Basically, whatever crossed Hitler’s mind was law. It made for a perpetual legal train wreck but after 1942 that was the least of Germany’s problems.

I now live in a state where the Governor has sworn, in public where people could hear her and everything, that she would “not submit to legislative or judicial bullying(!)”. Translation: when the court comes down against her interpretation of the law and the limits to her authority she intends to ignore the order.

A woman who wants power, wants it in a way that men can’t really appreciate.

When it comes to power; men, dominate, the process is external. But women, gather, the process in more internal for them. Power becomes a part of them and they can’t give it up, not willingly. Not for anything. And the process seems to drastically accelerate in post-menopausal women.

This is a woman who appears to still be in the running for Biden’s Veep slot. While I’m not too worried about Trump beating Biden, it’s always possible. I’ve certainly called these things wrong before.

Whitmer can taste it. Joe Biden will be seventy-eight as of November this year and is clearly in a state of mental deterioration. If he becomes president he won’t be able to full fill a single term. Everyone knows that “a vote for Joe, is a vote for Joe’s replacement.”

I am beginning to suspect that she is trying to goad the Right in open rioting so she can act on the 1945 emergency powers law.

She’s starting to slip her gears. She will almost certainly be a single term governor and whoever makes Joe’s calls for him now is not going to risk losing Michigan by putting on the ticket.

Governor Karen in high school:

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