Waiting for the Results of Super Tuesday

It looks like the Democrats have stuck the knife in Bernie. All of the establishment, to include of course the #NeverTrumpers are getting behind Creepy Joe.

South Carolina did indeed to turn out to be quite the firewall. Although it should be remembered SC is the home of that saddest of creatures, the last Dixiecrats. There is nothing sadder and more stupid than a Right-wing Democrat but they still exist. And there is a big chunk of them in Virginia and South Carolina.

I don’t think they can stop Bernie out right. He will still be going to the convention but his followers are going to be pissed. While I doubt they will vote for Trump they will likely vote for a protest candidate.

I doubt if Biden will get enough delegates to win out right but the Democrats are super fine with that. They will want someone else.

And I am beginning to wonder if Bob Iger didn’t retire from Disney to throw his hat in the ring.

The former Disney CEO would be popular with people who aren’t Star Wars fans.

And an aggressive leveraged buyout of Mexico would solve most of our immigration problems overnight. True we’d be stuck with both Canada and Greenland before he left office. But on the bright side, we could all start vacationing in Cuba again once it’s becomes the 118th state.

Any way you look at it, the clown show truly begins in earnest today.

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