If You Are Going To Upgrade Your Computer… Do It Now

Kind of worrying when you look at the big picture but right now I’m focused on the small one.

When Lunar New Year kicks off in the parts of the world where our computer parts are fabricated, production shuts down for about two weeks.

No big deal it happens every year. Vendors plan for it by stocking up their inventory. Nobody really likes stocking up their inventory since it ties up a lot of capital in way that can’t be quickly liquidated at need.

But it has to be done and once fabrication starts up again the inventories smooth out as the surplus starts to run low.

This year the fabrication plants didn’t start up again.

Shortly, and I do mean very, very shortly the inventories at Amazon, New Egg, Best Buy and everywhere else are going to be running out of merch. So if you were thinking of buying or upgrading your computer in the next couple of months, you had better buy today.

If you are thinking of Ebaying out an old graphics card or RAM sticks then I would wait a month.

If this goes on much longer I will honestly be getting a little worried about the economy. It will bounce back but probably not before the election.

2 thoughts on “If You Are Going To Upgrade Your Computer… Do It Now

  1. With some of the Dell orders for my clients, I’ve noticed a lot more non-China sourcing. Which is one reason I think Dell has been a little unpredictable on delivery dates. Anyways, you are correct that inventories are going to zero out. However, it looks like it will accelerate the trend to decouple from China or at least end their sole source status.

    I don’t believe it will hurt Trump. He can easily point out he’s been working to end China’s dominance over our economy.


  2. Been trying to order a laptop for a new employee for a few weeks now, all of our normal suppliers are dry. Bet the higher ups are wishing they hadn’t signed thag exclusivity deal with IBM/Lenovo now


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