Blogs and Ends: Monday Link Dump


Well the title says it all. A trip through New York City in 1911.

I do find these little time capsule videos intriguing This is a world that is much more self-confident and morally healthy than ours. You might see one member of the Greatest Generation being pushed in pram. And they have no clue that in three years their world will end in the holocaust of the trenches. The best the brightest of a generation gone.

No, wait this is NYC. Their decedents have no excuse at all for what they made of it


This had me laughing my ass off.

This is basically Chris Hemsworth on a women’s rugby team. As they repeatedly point out, there was a sprinter that was disqualified from the Olympics because his prosthetic legs were “unfair.”


The Corridor Crew does their thing.

But it was a rather interesting thing. Turns out the The Mandalorian, wasn’t shot against a green screen like the second trilogy was. The problem with green screen shooting is obvious, it harms the actors performance. They can only react to whatever is in their imagination and they are usually looking in the wrong direction.

But in Mando they did something quite different.


If you have can stream to an 80 inch TV, nows the time.

Kate Upton lip syncs Hit Me Baby One More Time. The part you are waiting for is at the 30 second mark.

Okay, I’m done here.

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