The Questions Potential College Students Should Ask

When I was going to the University of ______ back in nineteen-eighty-something, one of the standard question you would ask your potential college was, “what is the average first year income of a graduate with a degree in this major?”

I was shocked to find out that colleges no longer have an answer to that question.

The reason they no longer have an answer to that question is that they stopped getting asked it, in 2002.

I can’t blame the colleges for not sending out surveys. They cost money and why spend it when no one is asking that all important question.

The hilarious complaint of the academics is that men don’t understand the value of a college education. But apparently no one does!

It is appalling to me that an entire generation went into mortgage sized debt without the slightest idea whether or not their sheepskin was going to be able to pay it off or not.

Since that question can’t be answered in detail, her are some that can be.

I am thinking about majoring in COURSEOFSTUDY. How large is a typical 101 freshman class?

How hard is it to get into upper-level courses as a freshman?

Is there opportunity for independent study within this major?

Is there an opportunity to be involved with advanced research within my major?

What kinds of internship experiences would be possible if I majored in this field?

Internships have been vital for years.  I don’t like it but I can’t change it.

What percentage of students from last year’s class found jobs in their field?

I don’t know if they have the answer to this one anymore.

How many students from last year’s senior class went on to graduate school?

Standard stuff.

NAMEHERE is my first choice for housing. What chance do I have getting it as a first-year?

How many upperclassmen live off campus?

Not really critical but it’s good to know.  

What kind of student is unhappy here?

If she describes you, it probably is you.

What are the required Freshman classes for all students?

This is where you find out what the SJW brainwashing course is going to be called.

What kind of freshman orientation program is offered?

Again I don’t know about the UK but this is a good time to find out how extensive of an SJW brainwashing program they have going.  

How is the advising system set up for freshmen and who does the advising?

More important a question in my day.  You might be able to google that one but it will probably take a little digging.  

What are some of the best features of This University?

This will be a big tell if the place is a complete SJW nest.  Although admittedly you can mostly find that out on Google now.

Interview the interviewer

If you have a chance, google the interviewer.  Give her a chance to talk about herself.  Ask open ended questions that will give her a chance to babble.

Last bit of advice, avoid like the fucking plague any major with studies in the title. You are going to end up as a barista.

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