You Are Either with Anita Sarkeesian or with Baby Yoda

Back when GamerGate was a thing, I remember hearing a statistic that had me laughing my ass off.

“Are you aware that 63% of women suffer abusive chat in online gaming?!”

To which I replied, “Wow! Women are getting off light! Because I know for a fact 100% of men suffer abusive chat in online gaming!”

I think the statistic was from FeministFreq. Although, I’m not certain and I am absolutely not going to go digging through that swampy morass to find out if they invented a statistic I know is bullshit.

Feminist SJW and nerd poseur Anita Sarkeesian must be running out of the GamerGate shake-down money she got from Intel because now…

From the Insider:

Anita Sarkeesian is no stranger to online harassment, being one of the central figures in Gamergate, the online harassment campaign that resulted in her receiving numerous death and rape threats, along with bomb and shooting threats at her events. But even she was surprised at the amount of vitriol her tweet about “The Mandalorian” received. 

After watching the first episode of the Star Wars series for Disney Plus, Sarkeesian tweeted asking if she was just tired, or if there wasn’t “a single female speaking character in the first episode.”

Translation, she didn’t actually watch it. The Armorer is a fairly major character and she is definitely female.

The next day Anita found out she was being “dogpiled,” by people who said she had lied and not watched the show.

Anita then claimed she was tired or something and had missed the Armorer. No news yet on whether or not she has fled her home again.

The important thing to remember is that Anita is the real victim here. And that is what’s important in the world. I doesn’t matter how you become a victim. It’s being one that counts.

3 thoughts on “You Are Either with Anita Sarkeesian or with Baby Yoda

  1. I can’t help but laugh whenever I hear about Anita thanks to this all-time great meme:

    I think LIVs have finally had enough of this social justice PC nonsense. Look at the reaction to Myles Garrett’s Hail Mary race card play, for example.


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