The International Lord of Hate Banned On Facebook…You’ll Love the Reason Why

I present this as is from MonsterHunterNation:

“So I just got a 24 hour ban from Facebook for Violating Community Standards, because I insulted the imaginary people of an imaginary country.  Which is kinda hilarious.

Long version. About a year ago an author friend of mine was putting up snippets of his alternative history story, in which the fictional country (Neu Saxony) experienced a terrorist attack.  One guy thought it was real, and a whole bunch of us ended up having fun arguing on behalf of our made up countries about who was really responsible.  It was pretty funny.

Larry CorreiaKrasnovians are a proud people, known for their fine sandwiches, and genocide, but mostly the sandwiches.

  • Harman MeyerhoffFree Nogova!
  • Larry CorreiaIt’s sad, just because you invade a country and genocide a bunch of Pinelandians one time, everybody forgets about all the wonderful things Krasnovians have given to the world… like the waffle maker, or… uh… well, several different AK-47 variants.
  • Cathe SmithAdmittedly, the use of a waffle maker in perpetuating a genocide was a new spin on things.
  • Larry CorreiaIndeed, those Pinelandian dogs never saw that coming! HA HA! Oh, wait… err… I mean, that was a tragic misunderstanding over a border incident, in which the peaceful Krasnovians were unjustly attacked…”

Read the rest of it there!

Free Larry!

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