300 Million Guns in America is Unacceptable

Looks like it’s Gun Week at the Dark Herald. Time for some classic Cataline.


One gun for every man, woman and child in this country is ridiculous for such a great nation. (*hat tip Mad Mike Williams*)

It’s stupidity!

It’s insanity!

Subtract children, felonious criminals and Democrats and you still have barely two guns per person who matters.

Those numbers are just awful.  Think about it.

First you need at least two shotguns.  One double barrel and one pump action (Remington, Mossberg your choice.  Note; if it’s the Remington, send it to Wilson Combat.  Those guys can work miracles.

One long rifle for hunting.

One combat rifle.  SCAR if you’re rich.  AR if  you are an American and AK if you can’t tie your shoe laces successfully.

One full size semi-automatic with a standard capacity magazine (known as a high capacity magazine if you are a pants crappingly insane SJW).  Yes, you could use a 1911 for this purpose but that venerable antique has a magazine with only seven rounds in it.

Fuck man! That is totally legal in California.  You are never going to make Obama cry with something like that.

One compact, for everyday carry.  Glock 19 footprint.

Not a Glock 19

One subcompact as a back up for your compact.

A Smith and Wesson M&P Shield for example.

Or not
Who am I to judge?

One revolver.  Both because a semi-automatic round is fundamentally compromised by the necessity of the wrapping a standard sized human hand around it and wheel guns look damn sweet ass good.

That will work nicely

Fuck no!
I said it before and I’ll say it again, “Fail!”

One dedicated low light pistol.  This one tragically will be an actual Glock.  If you are looking for a gun that has all the major aftermarket parts available, then there is no real choice in this matter.

I’m sorry.

I don’t make the rules.

That’s not so bad
It barely even looks like a Glock

Special note; concerning dedicated low light pistols.  Always and I do mean always carry another flashlight with you if you are carrying a low light pistol.  If you don’t, I guarantee that you will end up looking for your keys with your gun.

I honestly can’t blame the cops for locking you down for that one.

Lastly you will need one investment grade firearm.

Your interests and pocket book will determine this one and honestly money won’t be as big a factor as you think it will.  Unless the Democrats do get gun control ramrodded through in which case, oh boy are you in the loot.

In summary; the proper minimum number of firearms for the average American who I approve of, is TEN.

Which means that…the correct number of guns in this country should be about 1.5 billion.  

We have a long way to go.


I have recently found out that the actual number of guns in the US maybe a more reasuring 600,000,000.

One thought on “300 Million Guns in America is Unacceptable

  1. SCAR is a meh, but the AK outside of a few guys that realize its obsolescence and it being overrated as a always reliable piece you nailed it, slip on shoe crowd. I have a real estate appraisal guidestone, Pitbull population density, either absolute morons or virtue signaling crazy white women own them, I will now add AK-47 to my spreadsheets.


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