Second Thoughts on The Last Jedi

Like I said in my last post. Opinions can change with time.

And this drunken Scott has convinced me. The Last Jedi is in fact a work of subtle and sublime genius. A creation of beauty and gradeur that rivals the Taj Mahal. A masterpiece at the very summit of it’s or any genre, that I simply could not appreciate due to my own intellectual imitations, centered as they are around such trivialities as plot, character development and basic writing competence.

See for yourself and decide.

3 thoughts on “Second Thoughts on The Last Jedi

  1. Casual SW fan, for a second I had a fleeting thought that they could revive Luke’s character in the third installment and bring back Good Luke. But that is low odds and if they do a revival of Good Luke it will no doubt be under the tutelege of the glorious matriarchy or some other dumb shit.

    Once the True Fans & Nerds started ripping on the gals at Disney it all but set it in stone that those gals would do what all scorned gals do and that is burn it all down. Good odds that the 3rd installment is a white phosphorous dumpster fire.

    I called it during the Obama cluster that America was a 3000 mile wide Jim Jones cult and I got that.
    My next call is what is upon us is the American Nibelungenlied.


  2. This drunken Scotsman is a hoot. This might be the single best summation of the origin and motives of The Fandom Menace.


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